Two Major Categories Of Saws- Most Commonly Used

The carpenters or many other professionals often need to deal with saws. However, as a large variety of saws are available in the market, it may be difficult for them to find the right one for their regular work. Here, the major varieties of saws are discussed to help these professionals in having an idea.

Hand Saws

These are, in fact, the most traditional and the oldest kind of saws. They are run only with the human effort. Some older kind of hand saws can be regarded as antiques; they may be categorized into two common options- back saws and regular hand saws

These regular saws include a blade and a knob, and the thickness of the blade determines its rigidity. Some examples of regular saws include-

  • Coping Saw- It is applied to cut the complex shapes into different materials for example, moldings of wood. Its accuracy may make the tool an outstanding option to cut joints. Besides, it has a thin, tough steel-made blade extended from C-like iron structure to a wooden knob. As its blade is very thin, one can easily modify the wood-cutting direction.
  • Fret Saw- It is basically coping saw, and it has a very elongated structure along with a blade that is shorter in length. However, its blade possesses a rigid direction with respect to the structure.
  • Crosscut Saw- It is intended for crosscuts, and is also used to cut lumber. Its teeth are meant to slash at right angle. Classic crosscut saws are extremely popular among the professionals, because these are quite less inflexible than any modern saws

Back Saws

It is a form of the hand saw, which includes blade that thinner than standard hand saws. Such blade is strengthened with a hardening strut. This strut restricts the potential depth of the cut of any back saw. Usually, back saw includes more delicately positioned teeth than what you can find in regular saw. A few examples of these back saws comprise-

·         Tenon Saw

It is also called as the backsaw. This medium-sized saw has twelve to sixteen-inch blade. It is very often applied to engrave tenons that are peg-like units

·         Miter Saw

It is considered as the manually operated miter saw. You can use it for doing any non-mechanical work. It is hanged on rollers inside a metal channel, which functions with the miter box. Such arrangement allows perfect right angled crosscuts. The blade of the miter saw is generally twenty to thirty inches in length, and, that is why miter saw is often called as the huge backsaws.

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