Things You Should Definitely Keep In Mind While Buying A 3D Printer

When you have 3D printer, the possibilities in front of you are endless as you can create so many things ranging from different phone cases, musical instruments, figurines of your favorite superhero among lot of different things. However, there are few things that should be made note of before deciding if buying a 3D printer is still a good choice.

Once you decide to buy this new age printer for yourself, there are strings of things that should be kept in the mind. First consideration should be the various types of 3D printers that are available in the market. One of the most popular models is fused deposition modeling in which heating and extruding is deployed to make a model. In the process, the plastic used for creating the model is heated as well as extruded layer after layer. These are one of the simplest as well as easily available models in the market. Other than FDM model there is stereolithography and selective laser sintering model available in the market. However, these two models are more expensive than the FDM model and therefore you should assess the potential and the capacity of the printers before paying higher for them.

Types of printers

Stereolithography models do not extrude the plastic; rather they make the model with the help of ultra violet lights. This beam is directed to the photo sensitive liquid so that it can be hardened and the desired model can be carved out of it. This printer is expensive but also ensures high quality of 3D model compared to the FDM printers. Next is selective laser sintering, laser which falls into the category of setereolithography when it comes to the price. 3d models are created through this printer with the help of lasers and powder where laser is used to melt the powder and then starts the process of making a model. This printer is in a way better than other two because it can also develop metal model, something that other two cannot do.

Self made or pre-assembled

Next thing that you would definitely like to consider is whether you want to buy the model from the varieties available or make your own. For those who want every bit of the printer customized, there are lots of instructions and step by step instructions are available over the internet to make the 3D printers. If you are one of those curious kinds who wants every feature according to them then you might consider following the instructions and building your own model. Building your own printer could be cheaper than buying but if you are not a kind of person who can fiddle with the technology or does not believe in the trial and error method of learning then buy the pre-assembled printer.

Considering the price before buying the product is something that not even needs mentioning. However, sometimes we just cannot get rid of our biasness towards the high priced products, thinking that higher the price, better the product. How much you should pay depends on features that are useful for you.