The Rising Popularity of Retro Video Games

Retro gaming is rising in popularity day after day. Rabid collects comb the planet for retro Atari 2600 cartridges, so young and older people can be seen with old dusty gaming consoles sitting before their Xboxes and PS4s. So, how is it possible that retro game can compete for the affections of inveterate gamers? Here are a few simple reasons why many modern people are turning to retro gaming, and why this trend is unlikely to die down any time soon.


This is first and main reason why retro gaming is enjoying such a massive following. Today’s games deliver an engaging experience packed with action that almost knocks you off your gaming seat, but there’s something special about a side-scrolling adventure or platform that gives you a one-way ticket right back to your childhood. This not just for older folks however—children are entering the mix as well. It’s not surprising to see today’s millenials enjoying Pokemon Go on a retro Gameboy, or playing God Mode on their N64.


Today’s gamers generation may not appreciate the bulky gaming consoles of old, as well as their blocky cartridges.  But like today’s games, older games were made to last as well. Even though today’s games run faster than retro games, they all always work. There’s something very reassuring about that, meaning that older games and gaming systems will always occupy a special place in any retro game player’s entertainment cabinet.


Some might say that free-market capitalism created the conditions needed for stiff competition between video game manufacturers of the 1980s and 1990s. A better way to argue this is that these companies forced each other to up their creative game, therefore delivering groundbreaking games to people. Whatever you say, the ruthless man-eat-man, cut-throat console battles of the 1980s are no more these days. Nowadays, all games can be played in all systems, thus innovation comes only from the studios. While this is totally okay, without that degree of propriety, there’ll likely be fewer characters that a console may use to fight another one for market share.


Nobody can tell the future. However, if our past is anything to go by, it’s unlikely that so many of the current games will be played in future console generations. Smash hit titles like “Call of Duty”, “Grand Theft Auto”, and “Halo” may always remain popular, but even these hits don’t have what retro titles did.  Classic games as well as their unique characters first came out in the 70s with hits like Pac-Man. However, it was home gaming consoles and their own stars like Zelda and Mario, which caught the imagination of many kids in a generation.

There are only a few reasons for the rising popularity of retro games. Which were your favorite retro games growing up? You can check out a few retro games and consoles at