The Basic Guide To Choose Your First Generator

Blackouts aren’t that unusual and they bring many unfortunate events. For example, if it will last longer, the food from your fridge and freezer will go bad and if you stay at a higher floor, the water pumps will stop working and you will no longer have tap water. These aren’t the only disadvantages brought by a blackout, the heating systems will start working, you won’t be able to charge your phones and cooking will be impossible. A generator can power all your appliances during a blackout and this is one machine every family should have.

Start your research by learning what you need from a generator

If you want the best generator in 2016, you have to do a thoroughly documentation and order your generator only after you will know exactly what you need. A moderate generator delivers about 6,000 watts, but you should calculate how much power you use. It might not be enough if you want to use the generator for more appliances and they might not work properly at lower power intensity.

Consider the fuel you want to use

The next step, after you decided how much power your need, is to decide what type of fuel you want to use. You have to learn about all the choices, propane, gasoline and diesel being the most common ones. Take into consideration which fuel works the best, which is more advantageous and if you have easy access to it.

You can choose smart features

Some generators have intelligent features and some of them can come in handy. For example the low oil shutdown is a very important and safe feature. This means that the generator will shut down by itself if the oil level is too low.

 Choose the type of generator: portable or standby

These are the two main categories of generators and you have to analyze all the pros and the cons of both types before choosing the one you want. Ask yourself why do you need the generator, where do you want to use it and how much power do you need. After answering these three questions you will be able to say for sure which generator is for you.