Reasons Behind the Increased use of Twitter Automation Tools

The popularity of Twitter cannot be undermined. With millions of active users each day, businesses and individuals alike rely on the platform for numerous reasons. Whereas most individuals use Twitter to follow their favorite celebrities and access the latest news, marketers and business owners use it as a promotional tool to market their products and services.

In an effort to get noticed and enhance their brand presence, some business owners have turned to automation in order to balance between their online strategy and actual business operations. Bearing in mind that twitter’s design makes the platform more demanding, there are other reasons why brands are still using bots as discussed below.

Instant results

Whereas everybody understands the need to grow their account organically, it’s easy to get lured away by the success rate of some automation tools. You can accrue up to ten thousand followers in a matter of days by investing the right amount. As a new business entering the scene, such a high number of followers can set you off and give your brand more visibility. You can then initiate interactive measures to keep hold of the real followers you get as well as generate more.

Lack of adequate human resource

Managing multiple Twitter accounts can be nerve-wracking, especially considering that you will be repeating the same tasks across all accounts. If you have multiple businesses and you run individual accounts for each business, subscribing to a Twitter growth service can relieve a lot of pressure off your shoulders.

However, you need to learn how to automate your accounts in a smart way to avoid ruining your brand’s image. You can achieve this by automating some of the low-risk repetitive tasks such as post scheduling and auto-liking. Such tasks are less likely to raise eyebrows and can save you valuable time.

Numerous tools available

The wide array of automation tools available can be tempting, to say the least. The sheer numbers have made competition stiff between providers, thus leading to very low costs. Nevertheless, bots are designed for different purposes; hence there is a wide range of options to choose from depending on your needs. Even so, you must be careful when automating your account. Twitter recently brought forth a new set of rules concerning automation which can easily reflect badly on your brand if discovered.


Automation can be beneficial in numerous ways. It can save you time and energy and keep your online strategy alive. However, you need to learn how to use automation in a smart manner, or else get your account suspended. Look at the pros and cons of automating your account and make a decision that you deem best suited to your needs.