Challenges That Authors Face While Marketing On Social Media

When you watch various social media ads, they always show how easy it is to set up an account. It is true that setting up is easy and most platforms are free to join. The hard part is when you want to market your business on these platforms. Do not be misled by the various success stories you see online. You will face some challenges on this journey. Understanding these challenges is the first step towards coming up with a sustainable solution. Even though businesses differ, there are some common challenges that you are bound to face. The following are some of those you can face as an author.

    1. Developing a strategy

You should know what to post and when to do it. Consistency is very important if you want to create a family of followers. Do not be one those who post promotional messages seven days a week because you are likely to scare away customers. You should know that 80% of the content you post should focus on the customers while the rest 20% promotes your brand. You can have a day where you post reviews, another day for memes, another for quizzes and so forth. Make sure that your posts are simple to understand.

    1. Creating a profile that sells

Even though creating an Instagram account is free, you may require some resources to make it sell. The first thing you should do is fill in all the details in your bio section. You should leave no room for imagination. You may at times require professional photographers to take clear photos and images to make your posts appealing. You can use your pen name as your username on Instagram or a variation if it is already taken. Remember to keep your bio current and include links to your newest releases as well.

    1. Keeping up with the pressure of posting and engaging customers

Authors are very busy, and some books can even take years to compose. You still need time to market your work and engage your customers. You also need to generate hashtags and respond to queries as they arise. The pressure can be overwhelming, but you can overcome all this through automation. A good automation tool will help you schedule posts, engage followers and search for trending hashtags. However, some automation tools are not good for your business.¬†The Small Business Blog doesn’t like InstaZood much¬†based on some of its features.