Things to keep in mind when designing company ids

If you have a company, which has some employees, it makes the things easier when each of them would bear an id, representing your company. When you start creating the design, you could either outsource id printing, or organize it yourself with the use of some special equipment. For large organizations like an international college, it would be more convenient to have their own equipment. The cards are being reissued every year, so it’s easy to make them available directly from the admission. On the other hand, a typical company would safe more if it chose to outsource the design and the consequent printing of these ID cards. I personally prefer to outsource it, because I know that my employees would either mess up with printing, or would require a specialized stuff who could maintain the whole process.

Either way, you would still have to take care of the design. If you have some ideas of how the design should look like, and you know how to us Photoshop, you could design them by yourself. But even if I knew Photoshop, I wouldn’t do that, because there already a good amount of templates I could easily choose from online. The design for the ID cards should be minimalistic. All we want to include is a good photo and some contact information along with the name. Then you could improve the design by fitting to your company theme. Do not ever overcomplicate it! The ID cards should not look like TV ads. A lot of people honestly try to include almost the whole resume to their IDs. You should never do it! Not only this is completely unnecessary, but would also make it confusing to people.

If needed, you can include your company logo, so that your employees could be easily recognizable. However, do not try to make it like advertising placards. Keep it small and minimal. This is the number one rule that always works when I create cards. Believe me, a lot of people asked to do some help with the design. My solutions were very basic and yet they found them fantastic. I didn’t even design them. Just took one minute to select an appropriate template that would fit for their niche. So once again, just keep this in mind, and when you actually get do it, you’ll see how it helps.